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Neurobehavioral Disorders & ADD ADHD

Life Is Unnecessarily Frustrating To A Child With ADD ADHD.

Life Is Unnecessarily Frustrating To A Child With ADD ADHD.

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Because of the brain based treatments offered by chiropractic neurologists, and the profound impact those treatments have on brain function, we see a great number of clinically favorable outcomes in the management of children/adolescent/adult ADD-ADHD, and other neurobehavioral disorders. Many of our doctors specialize in this area solely because their practices have become so large from referrals associated with continual successes.  The impact on society here is insurmountable, with disorders such as ADD-ADHD increasing in prevalence.  Until recently, drug therapies were the prime treatments available for these disorders, which provide less than favorable results, and little to no long term benefits.  Brain based treatments offered by chiropractic neurologists are designed to literally change brain function, and to improve areas of brain function which are determined by diagnostic examination toe be weak, thereby making permanent changes which are demonstrable and measurable.  It immediately becomes apparent that these treatments should be entertained prior to drug treatments because they are safer without the side affects and risks associated with drug therapies, including death; (Reference:

To find a doctor specialized in this area of treating patients with neurobehavioral disorders such as ADD-ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s, OCD, etc., reference our directory page.  From here, you can call, email or reference websites for each doctor listed.
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